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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Interview #10 With Lord Axe aka Blessing Sibusiso Ngobeni of South Africa

Lord Axe aka Blessing Sibusiso Ngobeni,  was born in Soweto, South Africa. His name is starting to grow due to his works with artists all over the world and his promotion as well that spreads all throughout South Africa. He was raised in a family of five, two brothers and his mom and dad.

His early education involved Basani as his primary school and he completed his Matric at Vuwani Secondary School. He attended college at Rosebank Collage for one year with the intent on studying graphic design and web development, but due to financial troubles, he couldn't continue. In college, he met Black Stoan, a South African musician, who taught him how to play the guitar. Within five months, Lord Axe was playing in front of audiences. He began playing guitar for the port Sis Pelokazi and he also played the guitar for the legendary punk artist, Blondie.

The Music...

Axe discovered his love for music at age 10 (and it has never stopped). In 2005 at age 14, he joined the choir and became a tenor and bass soloist. In 2006, he began taking drama and poetry classes and it was through poetry that his love for Hip Hop grew. In 2008, he met Duncan aka McCoy (his stage name) and he become his music mentor. McCoy  taught him how to play the piano as well as how to be a music producer.

Together they made some hits songs such as, "Why You Getting Me Twisted", "Disgrace", "Gcwala", and more. By the year 2009, Lord Axe was working on his new mixtape with McCoy, but since McCoy passed away in 2010, it was never released. In 2011, he started working with producers, Oscar Mafadza and Brian Shibanda and in April 2012, his mixtape, The Real McCoy was released. It featured such talented artists as, SFs, Kay E (a very successful unsigned Hip Hop artist), Golden Horn Award winner, Ronnie Nyakane (and more).

The mixtape yielded the hit songs, "No Turning Back", "HIanya More", and "Thula Ungabo Khala". After The Real McCoy, Lord Axe released a six song EP called, Under the Influence, which is available to download online. Now, Lord Axe is currently working on his second mixtape, Above the Influence. This is just the beginning folks, which is what he states. He tells us the best is yet to come.

The Interview...

What made you get into music?

"I was raised in a family with a very strong music background…. I grew up listening to opera music and i sang in school choir and in a community choir conducted by my brother."

What keeps your love for music alive?

"Every Artist I work with here in South Africa believes in, my fans and every one that appreciate my music out there in the whole world."

How does your life influence your music?

"I’m a humble and observant person, my music it’s not only based on my life experiences but also on everything I see around and in my community."

What made you get into all the various pieces within the music realm like; instrumentation, Hip Hop, Dancehall, and producing?

"I've always been that type of guy that’s always willing to learn something new. The very first day I was introduced to a recording studio, I knew right there and then that this is the place I want to be in everyday of my life. And from that day forward, I started to learn about everything that goes on in the studio and I knew that to become a great producer I need to play at least two instruments (Guitar & Piano).  My Poetry introduced me to Hip Hop and Dancehall is something I just recently found and I'm still trying to understand my newly found voice."

What kind of music do you produce?

"Hip Hop, House, Kwaito, Afro pop, and R&B."

Who are some of your biggest influences in music?

"My Community, Godfrey( My Brother), Ludacris, Eminem, Ryan Leslie, Pro, and Vybz Kartel."

How did you get into the promotional side of things and what do you like about it?

"I've been a musician for close to 8 years now and I've really struggled to get my name and music out to the people and it was simply because I had no 1 to assist me/someone with information and connections. I had to go out there and create my own connections and hustle platforms to showcase my music. So that’s basically the reason I got into the promotion side of things, to help other artists so they don’t get to struggle like I did before I got my name out there and to give them a platform and the chance to showcase their talents. I won’t stop at nothing till I see people who are talented achieving they dreams."

Where are some of the venues that you perform and promote at?

"Mostly I host open mic sessions @ a community center in Soweto Chiawelo and I promote my artists by getting them gigs where they can perform all around South Africa."

Who are some of the artists that you have worked with and what sort of projects have you done with them?

"I’ve worked with SFS(Dancehall Artists) who has also work with a lot of Big names In South Africa such as “Pro,Ringo,Jr…”. I also worked with the most successful unsigned artist in South Africa, “Kay E(Hip hop Artist)”  on my mixtape “The Real McCoy”. I also done a track and production for Golden horn award winner Ronnie Nyakane(Actor and Kwaito artist). I’ve worked with a talented young producer from Zimbabwe on a Dancehall Project and I’ve worked with a lot of up and coming artists around the world."

What can we expect from you in the future as far as your music and promoting is concerned?

"This year I’m dropping a six track EP tilted “Under the Influence” which is a preparation to my upcoming mixtape titled “Above The Influence” dropping next year in March. I'll be shooting two music videos this year and I'll be dropping a clothing label “BlaQ Market Clothing” at the beginning of next year.  I'll also be launching my Entertainment Company “Illusional Dynasty Entertainment”. "

What is your main goal that you are trying to reach through your music?

"I want to be successful, simply that."

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