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Friday, October 4, 2013

Interview #7 With Bleev aka Bryan Lee

Brian Lee, aka Bleev, is a Hip Hophead who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He started freestlying when he was fifteen and he's been getting on various tracks since he was twenty-five. He was also in a six piece Hip Hop band named Natural Classics and before that an MC vocalist for the Bay Area local band, Coupe De Ville. He's always been a lover of Hip Hop and other various music genres, but it was Hip Hop that drew him in.

In 2011, Treetop Studios was formed by Bleev and other fellow Bay Area Hip Hopheads and producers. They provide studio services (which can be hard to come by but you can always contact them and schedule your slot or buy a beat from their versatile catalog made by their producers) and promotional services that concentrate on getting you shows and exposure through their radio station (WeKeepItLitRadio). They have just started to shoot videos for artists as well. No matter what service you need in the music industry, they can either provide it or lead you to where you need to go.

Bleev is an instrumental member in getting this all started, so that is why we at Rebel Noiz had to get an interview with him. Bleev, also being an artist,made this interview loaded with interesting facts. He's an inspiring fellow and one that never stops working. I think we can expect many good things to surface from Treetop as a whole.

The Interview...

What was the pinnacle moment in your life that got you into Hip Hop?

There were a lot of pinnacle moments, but there was a time I was hanging in a low point in my life.A guy picked me up after I failed at a job interview, he asked me what I wanted to do in life. I told him that I prayed to God asking him for a sign and he said that the funny thing was that God told him to pick up Bleev. He gave you a Christian Hip Hop CD and I was amazed by him at the time and later on felt that there was a reason he gave me the CD, so I have been doing Hip Hop ever since.

Who influenced you to begin your musical ventures?

Kato, was someone I admired because he would make himself readily available for Hip Hop. He died doing Hip Hop and for his Hip Hop. Kato used to tell me that he had to quit his job to hussle my music. He said that you have to do it full time in order to do something with it. I found that hard to grasp because I was the one making the money and whenever we needed money to go out and do things, I was the one that provided it.

What point in your life did you take his words to heart?

I got fired and lost my job, I was on unemployment and I decided to go to open mics and to see if I could make things happen and eventually they did. I met a bunch of people through networking and it brought me to the path of owning my own studio and being a promoter for other artists.  It also got me into being a teacher to kids in a curriculum of Hip Hop. It felt to me that the stars were aligning so I keep doing what I am doing because I love it and it makes me happy.

When all the networking came together, you guys formed Treetop Studios. How did that all come together?

I went to a studio called Freshtakes, and their facilities were proper. There, I met a bunch of people with the same goals and we came to form Treetop. I have a thing for trees because they are constantly growing and they always grow towards the sun.

Who are all the people involved in Treetop?

Tristan aka Slapfarmer, GIB the Genius, DJ BCasanova, Noah G, Steve Borda, Just Hits, and Baby Cris.

What made you go into promoting for Treetop vs. being a full time artist?

I love being an artist, but the business side of it was making me money so I just kept going with it. Being an artist just wasn't realistic and it is depressing, I just wanted to be involved in music. I learned from being a promoter that I don't care what aspect I am involved with, I just want to be a part of it.

Who is an artist that you are working with that you really want to see succeed?

I want to see all the artists succeed, but it is the ones that work the hardest that I am drawn to. Really life has a way of selecting those individuals. I work really closely with an artist named Outrageous Karina and I really think she has the skills needed in order to succeed. I'd be surprised if she doesn't succeed.

When people look at you what do you want them to see?

I want them to see someone that they know that has kept his word and see a good positive energy. I want to keep that going, because I am not depressed off of life yet. I want to always keep the hope.

What would you like to accomplish in your music career?

I would like to see someone I know directly, make it. I want to also be someone who helped them reach that feat. I like to use Hip Hop as a vessel to meet people and see where my networking will take me. I don't know if I am always going to be a promoter and artist, I just want to go where it takes me.

What are some of the things you are most proud of accomplishing?

One of the songs that I wrote made it big in the Philippines and was bought by N' Sync. There was this song on the radio called Slow Down, there was this dance that these kids in the video came up with that said it was because of him that they made that dance because he came over and got them lit. Number three, I am still waiting on number three because I think things come in threes.

What musical project as an artist makes you look back and say, yeah I was in that?

There really isn't one that sticks out. I just like getting together and collabing with people because you form a bond with them, you know? There is a track that I did with Bone Crusher that made me go wow, Hip Hop is really real.

What can we look forward to in the future from things that have your direct influence?

I think videos, I want to get into the visual game and get into short films. That is a dream of mine that makes me tick.

The Links...

Facebook links:

Reverbnation link:

WeKeepItLit Radio link:

Soundcloud to buy beats link:

To contact Bleev for shows, radio interviews, recording time, or to get beats call: 510-921-9079

article by: Craig Ludwig

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