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Monday, October 28, 2013

Interview #13 With Meccah Maloh

Meccah Maloh is a Hip Hop artist out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He's been rapping since the young age of 12. Since then he has built his music around his skill and dedication. He has released and featured on many different albums and mixtapes. The newest one to come out is called, Devil on my Shoulder.

His music usually touches upon his life experiences and perspectives on certain situations that he has gone through. He is not about rapping on the glamour and money, because he doesn't have any of that. He used to aspire towards reaching superstardom but lately he's happy with independent success. He puts a lot of time into his lyric writing and I think you will see that once you listen to his music. He's doing what he can to get his name out there, he has local, national, and international fans looking out for the things that he is putting out.

The Interview...

What was that moment in your life (that you can recall) when you were like, I want to do music?

"Umm…well I’ve always been involved in music. I come from a music background. My stepfather played the blues in the house when I was growing up. He had guitars and other stuff. So when I was in school I just took a liking to doing music. I enjoyed music class and that’s where I learned how to play the drums. I been a music head since I came out the womb. My family on my dad's side was real heavy in playing music in church. I guess it's just in my genes."

What made you pick Hip Hop as your expressive outlet?

"I think the first time I heard 2Pac. Just how he was able to capture my mind at a young age with his music. I believe the first song I heard from Pac was “Brenda’s Got A Baby” then I heard “Dear Mama”. Those songs made me wanna rap so bad!"

What does music specifically do for your life that nothing else does, or can?

"Music allows me to just relax, man. I can be having a bad day or whatever, and I can just put on some music and bury myself in it. It doesn’t even have to be rap! I can throw on some Earth, Wind & Fire or some Al Green and just escape."

How is your music a direct reflection on what you have done, do, and stand for in your life?

"I’m not a “Turn-up” rapper. I don’t do the whole “TrapMusic” thing. What I say in my rhymes…I put a lot of thought in my lyrics. I'm responsible for what I say in my songs. Even if I'm just in the booth having fun, you get that! If Im hurt, you get that! If I'm happy, sad, mad, whatever, you get that!"

How do you stay real in your music?

"Simply by not trying to do what everybody else is doing and giving you ME! Even if I rap about somebody else, I’m giving you my perspective on that particular situation. I don’t own a Maybach. I don’t have mad chains around my neck. I rarely even go to clubs. I don’t sell mad coke in these streets. Why rap about it? Because that’s what everyone else is rapping about? Naw, man…not me."

How did you improve your craft (and still do) lyrically and rhythmically that really make your bars stand out and be called your style?

"I try to pick the right beats. I try to pick the right concepts. Most of that just comes from years of doing this, man, experience. Plus, I freestyle and I battle often. That’s how I keep my mind sharp."

Who are your biggest influences as an MC?

"Most def 2Pac. Nas is a major influence as well. As of lately I been liking what Ive been seeing locally from Sypherskillz, Prophetic and Yo-Dot. They keep me on my toes."

Since you have a hand in producing, who are your biggest influences in that realm?

"Alchemist, Kanye West, Timbaland…not really sure. A good beat is a good beat."

What makes you choose to be a lyrical artist over being a full time producer? Why do you like being an artist more?

"I can express more when I rhyme. With beats, you're kinda limited in what you can get across. That’s why I fell back from production because I don’t really like rapping over my own beats. Maybe one day in the future I will, but right now I enjoy making songs."

What are some of the places you have performed at and are there any upcoming shows we can come check you out at?

"Timbuktu, The Uptowner, The Rave, Stonefly, Quarters, Nostalgias…the list goes on, man. I've performed in Ohio, Chicago, and Madison as well. I'm working on a little tour for the DEVIL ON MY SHOULDER album. I will be giving ya'll updates on that soon. Just check out for info on that in the near future."

What are some of the projects you have worked on in the past and who was involved?

"Man, (Laughs) That’s a long list! I’ve done work with Ad-Lib…a LOT of work! I got plenty mixtapes, singles…"Hater’s Capital", "Beyond Belief", "Suicide Bomber", The Bronzville joint when I was in UMG, I worked with Roundtable Ent., We will be here all day discussing my track record."

What are some of the studios where you have a good relationship with?

"Tito from A. State Productions. He knows me pretty well…very easy to work with him. Ad-Lib is like a brother to me, but he’s mad busy with projects so whenever I can get in with him I do so."

What can we expect from you project-wise in the future? What is coming out soon?

DEVIL ON MY SHOULDER will be out soon, man. We lookin at a December release. It’s gonna be an E.P. produced entirely by 40MIL. Other than that, Im droppin exclusive songs until the release on my website

What is the goal you are trying to reach through the devices of the music industry for your own personal life?

I use to want a record deal…but I'm over that now. If I can reach the people independently, I'm good. 

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  1. Awesome! One of my favorite Milwaukee Rappers.

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