Rebel Noiz

Rebel Noiz

Monday, November 4, 2013

Feature: Review of the Bubble In Crew's-"It's All Grimy EP"

It's All Grimy EP, is a great musical effort from the Bubble In Crew. This EP showcases the talents of many, especially from the UK, G Tank, Meenz, Infamous, Sbeatz, Clixx, PanikBeatz, and Lolingo(all producers from the UK). It also has the talents given by Massifbeatz from Belgium.  LvStong and Laupi D also both lend their creativity to the production of this 14 song EP.

Overall, I think it is a great album, because of its use of Hip Hop and Grimy elements, it is very original and pleasant to listen to. They use a bunch of other artists as well to complete this EP, Dare, DonDeBaron, Kenny Oost, Loiston Lapper, and FritteDeFritta whom all give great contributions to the album's creativity in a lyrical and rhythmatic sense.

Even if you don't speak Dutch, I think you can appreciate this EP because it is very creative and the sounds and layers that they choose to surround each song with (that includes the voices and effects and sonic sounds) are really first rate. Lend them your ear, they worked hard to deserve this attention and made a piece worth listening to.

The link to listen to the EP:

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