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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Interview #6 With Laupi D (aka Dennis Dekker)

Laupi D was born on March 25th, 1980, in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He is an mc/producer/beatmaker, who continues to work hard to show the world his brand of Hip Hop. He began a group in 1995 named the OYG. He has been making music since 1995. In 1999, he placed third in an international rhyme competition in London. His first cd that he was involved with was brought out in 2006 ZiekelijkeInspiratie with the Hip Hop group called Gekkenwerk.

In 2011 Laupi D started to make music with LvStong, a Uk/grime mc. They started a movement called South Stone Retro Entertainment. Laupi D and LvStong also brought 2 cds so far, degekkeBubbelsMixtape and the Garage Mixtape. The first one came out in 2012 and the GarageMixtape came out this year. They're now making new EPs that will come out soon. He also continues to work with MassifBeatz, at Studio Starbuxx.

I hope you continue to listen to his works of musical art (as I will), I know he would appreciate the support. I can't wait to hear what they come out with next, as they continue to push Hip Hop in the Netherlands (and with your help, the world).

For now, let's continue with our question and answer segment...

His personal feelings about Hip Hop...

What influenced you to get into Hip Hop?

"I was influenced because of my background, I grew up in a rough neighborhood and I was trying to stay out of trouble so I decided to write poetry."

What artists drew you into Hip Hop?

"I listened to many famous mc's like Erick Sermon, Redman , Notorious B.I.G., Nine, and KRS-One. I'm a 90's kat still on that old school stuff. I've never listened to mainstream and I never will."

Who is your influences as far as making a beat goes?

"My influence on a beat is typical raw old school, such as 9th Wonder and DJ Premier. I like using short sampling and being creative with the mpd."

What was it like growing up? What experiences did that help you bring to the mic?

"My time growing up I kept myself busy with music all the time. This thing being behind the mic never disappeared because it's a gift doing that. It certainly got me off the streets those early days. In my youth, I saw people getting involved with drug problems and other criminal activity, I thought I don't wanna become like that. All my hard work as a youth, helped strengthen my mic control, it still does."

What does Hip Hop do for you personally?

"When I'm feeling down or happy, I always write and meditate on a beat. If you give me a pen and paper,  I'll be on it for hours. It's a way of living for me, now-a-days."

His life lived alongside Hip Hop...

What is the name of your Studio?

"My studio is GWP, Gekkenwerk Producties, in Rotterdam, Netherlands."

What are some of the projects you have been a part of that have been released?

"My first cd was brought out in 2006 Ziekelijke Inspiratie under GWP (a cooperative work with SKUT and Wilskracht, two of his partners). After that in 2008, we brought out a Gekkenwerk mixtape (also a cooperative project that involved SKUT and Wilskracht). In 2010, my first solo EP came out, Laupi D- De Re-Incarnatie. When my first solo EP came out, I was already busy with new plans for a second EP. That double EP came out in 2013 called,  Laupi D - Kunst Zinnige Rijm Poezie + Bonus Features. My solo cds I started myself."

Who are some of the people you have worked with?

"Between 1996 and 2008, I have worked with many artists like Illadust, SKUT, Wilskracht, Krankjorum, Paranoia, Moonchild , Redicillis, and many more (you know who you are)."

When did you and LvStong come in to contact and what music have you brought out so far?

"In 2011, LvStong and I came together, he did UK/garage type music at the time and we just hit it off and been making music ever since. We also started our own movement, South Stone Retro Entertainment. Our collaboration has created two cds (so far), degekkeBubbelsMixtape and the GarageMixtape brought in 2012 and 2013. We're now working on the making of new EPs."

What goals do you have as an artist?

"My goal is to be an individual that inspires the next generations with that old school. I'm talking retro stuff about the early days. Sometimes I do a brag and boast flow but I bring a good message is my statements. I only talking about my life experience, what I've been through."

 How did you come in contact with Massif and what is your relationship like?

"We came in contact with Massif in 2012. He was on Soundcloud giving reactions on our music and he said he liked our style, so we decided to go to Belgium to Studio Starbuxx."

How was that experience?

"We worked great with the guy, we had this connection like frequently being on a good level and vibe, so we were productive anytime we went there. He had never worked with mcs that were so productive in a very short time. We made seven tracks in thirty-three hours. Its great working with somebody who has so much experience (we learned a lot from him), but he learned things from us too. He liked our way of recording and production. I can't stress enough how I am always on a good vibe with that man."


Thanks Laupi D for this opportunity! I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours! Below are some links to his musical media:

Laupi D-Oldskool (prod. by Gio Priest) link:

Laupi D-BamBam Hit It (prod. by Massifbeatz) link:

Laupi D's soundcloud:

Laupi D's youtube:

LvStong's soundcloud:

Here's how ton contact Laupi D for booking:

article by: Craig Ludwig

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