Rebel Noiz

Rebel Noiz

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Message to Up and Coming Artists....

This blog is for you, I aim to showcase you. I also aim to showcase what music is all about. Help you get your name out and to help artists to never lose the quality of artistry, which is to show the world who you are through the art of music. You'll be surprised what the world can learn just by looking through it through your eyes. Sometimes they relate to it and it helps them not to feel alone. Sometimes they draw inspiration from it and apply it to their own lives in a positive manner. Sometimes they draw inspiration from it and apply it in a negative way.

That is why I think it is important for the artist to communicate with their listeners so that they can get the most out of it. You can listen to artists of all kinds of music and really it is a history lesson on what went on in the world at that time. It is amazing what you can do with music when you find the goals within yourself on what you want to accomplish through it. Through hard work and passion, you can accomplish these goals. Never give up!

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