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Friday, September 20, 2013

Feature: Difference Between a Rapper and an Emcee...

"MC can control the audience, but a rapper is afraid of the audience or they can only sing their hit record."
 -- Ice-T

I have looked all over in forums and in interviews trying to answer this question. It appears no one has written articles to answer this question. People just write in forums, "What is the difference between a rapper and an Emcee?" Emcees started out hyping up the crowd for DJ's like the Herculoids for DJ Kool Herc. They were able to keep the party going in between breakdancing and what not. Emcees are aware that Hip Hop is a culture, a way of life versus just a job. Rappers use Hip Hop as a job and are really just artists that don't worry about anything but their interpretation of Hip Hop music. You can ask most rappers what the Nine Elements of Hip Hop are and they won't have a clue.

Like Ice-T has said, an Emcee controls the crowd and makes the crowd understand what they are trying to do whether they are rapping, dancing, or just hyping up people they worked with, whatever. An Emcee knows what he came there to do, and that is interpret his version of the Hip Hop culture. A true Emcee starts a movement that betters the people around them and brings them along with them. A rapper really just cares about themselves and their image.

A real Emcee is original and doesn't bite off other people's stuff. They don't get ghost writers, they handle their own lyrics. Their lyrics aren't just words, they actually mean something. A rapper is one that only writes club hitters cause he or she is just trying to make money. An Emcee is real, a rapper is just a gimmick.
I hope this article shed some more light on this topic. It seems that many people can't really answer this topic because they don't really know how to. This question has been lost in translation through the years. I once asked a youngster, what kind of music do you listen to?

"Hip Hop," they answered.
"Who's your favorite artist?"
"Kendrick Lamar."
"You ever hear of KRS-One?"
"Who's that?"

Enough said people...

                               This is KRS-One, for those who don't know. Here are some links to him...

                             A KRS-One and DJ Premier joint:

                            A Boogie Down Production (KRS-One & Scott La Rock) joint:

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