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Rebel Noiz

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Feature: Sean Dean's Heart and Soul: Not Just a Song, It's Also One Man's Mentality and Dreams

"Before I die, I want to make to make one classic album or mixtape. One that grabs a cult following and moves people in a way they never expected. That's the thing about my music, it's all from my Heart and Soul." --Sean Dean

Sean Dean is really going all out on this mixtape starting with the track, Heart & Soul. He keeps posting things on Facebook; "I think this needs more play if I'm honest.", "This song needs to be blogged.", and "Got nothing but props for this song phone calls and all sorts. So I'm assuming you like this style lol cool cool I know my zone. Thanks team 220.". This is a sign of sheer confidence and trying to keep the confidence alive. He has ten more songs to go for the mixtape, so let's understand what he is trying to do.

It's hard being an artist, you are always worried about how it will be received even if that is not your focus in your music. It is hard to fight on as an artist if there is no support. This song is a nice car driving piece (and something to dance to) that will get your head banging in a positive way, for sure. Let's all turn our head to the UK and wait patiently as this artist, Sean Dean, pours his heart and soul into his music (produced by KBeetheOriginal). 

I invite you to go like his FB page to make it easier for you to follow him (link):

Link to his new song, Heart & Soul:

article by: Craig Ludwig

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