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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Feature: The History of the Hip Hop Beef-Part Two

Hip Hop feuds (beefs) have continued to fuel Hip Hop even now, in todays Hip Hop community. The more recent beefs that are noteworthy are, Nas vs. Jay-Z, Min, B.o.B. vs. Tyler the Creator, and Kendrick Lamar vs. New York. It further demonstrates that ego is a powerful source within Hip Hop and can be said to be the strength behind the back bone of Hip Hop. Ego is what gives artists the confidence to market their own brands and the ones who express their egos deeply usually get commercial success.
Hip Hop beefs definitely keeps us entertained and the one that comes out the victor gets more notoriety as well, where the loser usually gets taken out of the game completely (sorry losers! But not in the case of Jay-Z vs. Nas where no real victor was declared). Feuds have shown that they continue to help sell records, so I don't think they will ever go away. I think we will see beefs in the future as long as Hip Hop still exists.

Nas vs. Jay-Z...

When Notorious B.I.G. died, it left the spot of Hip Hop's King of New York open and there were two MCs that went after each other lyrically to gain the spot, Nas and Jay-Z. In the year of 1997, Jay-Z was the first one to claim the throne with the joint, The City is Mine off of his album In My Lifetime, Vol. 1.  Nas, the only MC at the time who was seen to be capable of rivaling Jay-Z, responded on his track We Will Survive (in 1999, it was released on his album I Am...).

Tension grew, but it took about one year for either of them to add fire to their growing rivalry. Jay-Z openly mocked Nas on stage at Hot 97 radio station's Summer Hip Hop festival, in 2001. Nas retaliation came in the form of a freestyle over an Eric B. and Rakim's instrumental of Paid In Full (he effectively dissed most of the R.O.C. crew). The freestlye was later named, illmatic and also H To The Homo. It is speculated that the freestyle was used to promote his new album, illmatic

Jay-Z responded with a song off of his new album Blueprint, called Takeover. The song talked about how Nas has failed to reach his amount of commercial success (it also questioned Nas about being authentic in his game). This track was well received by Hip Hop listeners from all around. Nas answered back with Ether, it was equally liked as Takeover, and was included on his new album, illmatic. It attacked Jay-Z for exploiting his work with Biggie. These two songs really put the spotlight on the Hip Hop community, because it was a rivalry that was displayed through art.

Takeover issued a warning and it was followed by a freestyle over the radio that was to be named, Super Ugly. In Super Ugly, Jay-Z claimed that he had sexual relations with Carmen Bryan, the mother of Nas' daughter. It also claims that Allen Iverson had sexual relations with her as well. After this track, there were rumors that a freestyle battle was going to come through a pay-per-view venue, but this never happened. Jay-Z later apologized for things that he said in Super Ugly, because it played on New York City radio stations and his own mother got upset.

Nas fired back in his track Last Real Nigga Alive, where he compared himself as being Tony Montana and Jay-Z as being Manolo Ribera. Soon after the release of this song, the feud started to die down. Both got more commercial success out of it and they formally shut the beef down in 2005 at an October event during Jay-Z's tour, "I Declare War". Nas performed with Jay-Z as well as performing a few songs of his own. No winner was ever decided in this beef, but since, both artists have paid tribute to each other in interviews and such.

Tyler the Creator vs. B.o.B. ...
Yonkers was released in the beginning of 2011 (as a digital download) and it dissed B.o.B. for his song, Airplanes. Tyler meant for the song to be about the lackluster and unoriginality that was coming out of B.o.B. and other artists of today. B.o.B. got offended and released a diss track called, No Future (that was also aimed at Odd Future, who Tyler is a member of). Tyler responded and said that he wasn't used to seeing B.o.B. coming out like this and then he uploaded a response to his Twitter account.

B.o.B. continued dissing Odd Future, while on a track with Tech N9ne and Hopsin (Am I a Psycho?). This was denied by B.o.B. and ever since this dissing, it is funny. You don't really find B.o.B. around very much. The word is that Tyler the Creator was the victor in this one.

Kendrick Lamar vs. New York...

Kendrick Lamar has quickly reached fame in his short but famed career while working with Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg (now Snoop Lion), have gone as far as saying that Kendrick Lamar is the new king of West Coast rap. When Kendrick Lamar got on Big Sean's track, Control. He referenced himself as being the King of New York, MCs like Papoose and Joell Ortiz quickly came in response to this. Many regard their responses as being more artistic in nature than Kendrick Lamar.

This all seems, by many, as being another spark that is being lit by Hip Hop. One that will open up a discussion of who is the king of this and who is the king of that. I would have to say that by looking over the overall existence of Hip Hop right now, the chair is up for grabs, but there are a few that are getting closer to it. Keep making music ya'll...

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written by: Craig Ludwig

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